Advisory Board Setup and Management

Facilitating Professional Guidance through Critical Periods of Transformation

In any successful business, it’s critical to have access to diverse perspectives, to be able to draw on the expertise of proven leaders and innovators. In many instances, particularly with a startup or expanding business, you may simply not have the bandwidth within the company or have the knowledge and insight in-house. That’s why creating and utilizing an advisory board can one of the most effective ways to help your business reach its full potential. However, setting up and managing an advisory board can be a daunting task—let the business professionals at Compass Operations guide you through the process, so that you can reap all the benefits.
At Compass Operations, our seasoned business consultants bring more than 100 years of hands-on experience to large and small businesses at any stage of development, helping you identify and implement strategies to bring world-class results. We have the expertise to fully operationalize new and start-up enterprises, guide existing enterprises through expansion and change, and help companies transform underperforming business units or bring new products to market. We take a results-oriented approach, providing realistic and attainable solutions to address all aspects of your business development, growth and success. We strive to establish strong, long-term relationships, serving as a value-added enhancement to your internal team. We know from experience that every commercial entity is unique, so we work hard to be agile, learning as much as we can about your business so that we can establish and integrate cost-effective processes tailored to your specific needs.

Putting Together the Team to Help You Become an Industry Leader

Our team will handle all matters necessary to put an advisory board in place, including:

  • Creating the framework and mission for your advisory board
  • Working with you to identify the specific areas of expertise and insight that would be most valuable to your company
  • Recommending or selecting business leaders and professionals with the requisite knowledge and experience to provide valuable input to your business
  • Developing all logistical components, from conducting your advisory board meetings to budgeting, administration, reporting and oversight
Once your advisory board has been established, we can either hand off further management to you and your internal team, or we can proactively manage the functions of your board and the outcomes they deliver.

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