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In today’s business world, knowledge is more than power—it’s an essential component of becoming and remaining market leader, critical to ensuring that you’re maximizing your potential. At Compass Operations, we take a proactive and agile approach, working hard to provide our clients with the tools to maintain world class performance. We believe in the power of knowledge and information, and are committed to sharing our insights and observations with our clients. That’s the function of this blog—to make you aware of trends, processes, strategies and systems that can help you do what you do better.

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Walmart Bumps Minimum Pay Up to $11, Announces Layoffs and Closings

Walmart Bumps Minimum Pay Up to $11, Announces Layoffs and Closings Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, announced in early January that, as a result of the savings it will reap from the recent tax law changes, company officials have decided to raise the entry level wage for the company’s workers
WalMart Bumps Minimum Pay

How Companies Will Use the Extra Revenue Available under the New Tax Laws

The new tax law, signed by President Trump last month, will be a boon to many companies, lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. Retail giant Walmart is expected to reap a $1 billion benefit from the slashed corporate rate. One of the obvious questions on the minds

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At Compass Operations, our experienced business consultants offer unparalleled guidance in a wide range of issues affecting all types of business ventures, from startups to expanding businesses to entities with under performing units. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and have successfully created and nurtured companies that have become acknowledged industry leaders.

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At Compass Operations, we’ve brought together a select team of proven business professionals, with more than 100 years of collective hands-on experience guiding and transforming businesses of all sizes. We offer comprehensive consulting services to commercial entities at any stage of development, from startup enterprises to companies contemplating expansion. We’ve successfully helped many businesses implement corrective measures to turn around underperforming units. We strive to build strong, long term relationships, serving best as a valuable extension of your internal team. We measure our success by the positive results we produce, as well as the cost effectiveness of our services. Because we understand that every business is unique, we take an agile approach, carefully developing and implementing strategies that are tailored to your specific business, market and needs.

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