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In today’s business world, knowledge is more than power—it’s an essential component of becoming and remaining market leader, critical to ensuring that you’re maximizing your potential. At Compass Operations, we take a proactive and agile approach, working hard to provide our clients with the tools to maintain world class performance. We believe in the power of knowledge and information, and are committed to sharing our insights and observations with our clients. That’s the function of this blog—to make you aware of trends, processes, strategies and systems that can help you do what you do better.

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Driverless Cars—Are We Pushing Technology Too Far Too Fast?

Fatalities Involving Self-Driven Vehicles Pose Questions about Safety. In the aftermath of the first fatalities involving autonomous or driverless cars, some of the companies involved in the development of the new technology have temporarily suspended road testing to assess risk factors.
driveless cars-pushing technology too far

The Importance of Employee Development and Mentoring

Many Companies Fall Short on This Critical Component of Business Success When you’re trying to take your business to the next level, there can be a seemingly endless litany of important tasks that consume your focus and energy
The Importance of Employee Development and Mentoring

MIT’s Alter Ego Can Read Your Thoughts!!

Headset Device Allows You to Communicate without Talking! MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), according to sources at the prestigious institution in Cambridge, researchers have developed a “robotic mind-reading device,” currently in the form of a headset, which they have named AlterEgo.
Headset Device Allows You to Communicate without Talking,Headset Device Allows You to Communicate without Talking,Headset Device Allows You to Communicate without Talking

The Impact of 3D Printing on Manufacturing and Other Businesses

As futuristic technologies go, there may be nothing more radical than 3D or three-dimensional printing. As it develops, it promises to change almost every aspect of our lives. Technology visionaries say we can look forward to the day when desktop manufacturing looks very much like desktop publishing does today

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