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The Scope of Our Business Advisory and Management Services

At Compass Operations, we bring an uncommon blend of expertise, knowledge, and hands-on experience to businesses throughout the world. Our team of professional business consultants boasts more than 100 years of collective experience, successfully leading businesses of all sizes to industry leadership. We have the ability to fully operationalize a startup, successfully take an existing company through substantial change or expansion, or transform an underperforming business unit.
We believe that the true measure of our success is the results we provide. We’ll take the time to learn your business and your goals, and will work in partnership with you to formulate and implement cost-effective solutions that meet your business objectives.

Compass Operations: Experienced—Agile—Proactive

  • Experienced—Our principals all have considerable direct experience developing and expanding business operations. We’ve been entrepreneurs, building new businesses from the ground up. We’ve also worked in large corporations, where we’ve navigated the complex matrix of operations in a typical global enterprise. We have been tasked with and have successfully instituted major tactical and strategic changes for large and small companies worldwide.
  • Agile—We understand that every company operates within different markets and has different needs and goals. We also know that there are many different ways to bring about large scale change or get major initiatives implemented. While we always strive for perfection, we acknowledge that it’s often not realistic and may ultimately make change far more costly than necessary. We’ll help you identify an achievable level of change and implementation, striving to complete your initiatives as rapidly as possible. We also recognize that change is not static…even after full implementation of a new strategy or process, we’ll be there to respond to any contingencies.
  • Ownership—We are highly experienced and prepared to deliver on the agreed solutions and plans. Typical business consulting firms will provide you various solutions and detailed plans and then leave the project oversight and heavy lifting for you to execute without owning any outcomes or results. Compass Operations will provide you detailed solutions and then implement them, ultimately taking full ownership and delivering measurable results.
  • Proactive—We believe that companies that think ahead and plan ahead have the best chance of maintaining profitability and market share. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your business remains proactive, not reactive.

In today’s business world, time is valuable—it’s an essential part of being an efficient advisor. We take an agile approach to all our engagements to ensure our clients get measurable results quickly. At Compass Operations, we take a proactive and efficient approach, working hard to provide our clients with the tools to maintain world class performance. We believe in the power of open communication and relevant information, and are committed to sharing our experiences, insights and observations with our clients. That’s the function of the Compass Operations Abstract—to provide you with a clear and concise overview of our team, experience and services—to enable informed decisions without the information overload.

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At Compass Operations, our experienced business consultants help companies proactively establish and maintain market share, maximize profitability and ensure competitive advantage. Contact us online or call our New York City office toll free at 866-705-2668 to learn about the wide array of business consulting services we provide to companies around the globe.



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