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One of the hallmarks of a respected product or service is the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification. This designation signals to the world that your business has met the highest standards for safe, reliable and consistent quality. It can be instrumental in helping your company penetrate new markets, and in earning the confidence and good will of your customers, and can also increase productivity by reducing errors and eliminating waste. In addition, it can sharpen your company’s focus and improve employee morale. Obtaining the ISO certification can be a daunting process, though—you want experienced business consultants who have a comprehensive understanding of the ISO system to guide you through the process.
At Compass Operations, we bring more than a century of collective, hands-on experience to businesses of all sizes, helping you identify and implement strategies to become and stay an industry leader. We work with companies at any stage of growth or development, operationalizing startups, guiding existing businesses through change or expansion, and helping executives transform underperforming business units. We can also guide you through the process of bringing a new product to market. We place a premium on results, formulating concrete strategies to help your business attain world-class performance. We take a team approach, functioning as a value-added extension of your internal staff. Our consultants recognize the unique challenges facing every business entity, and offer agile solutions tailored to your individualized needs.

Experienced Assistance with ISO Certification and Audits

Our consultants have the knowledge, skill and experience to streamline the ISO Certification process for you and to help you implement audit programs to ensure compliance. We have worked extensively with ISO auditors and know the questions they typically ask and what they’ll customarily want to review. We have the knowledge and experience to quickly determine any issues that might raise a red flag with your auditor.

We provide comprehensive ISO certification and audit consulting, including:

  • Walking you through all aspects of initial ISO certification
  • Creating audit programs that will allow you to preemptively resolve any potential certification problems
  • Performing pre-audits to help you successfully complete and pass any external audits

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