Development of Key Quality and Key Performance Indicators

Creating and Implementing the Metrics to Ensure Your Business Success

It’s a well-known fact in business that, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Without the right KQIs and KPIs, you won’t have a predictable way of determining whether you’re headed for long-term success or near failure. If you don’t have the tools to manage quality, efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction, you may appear to succeed, however you won’t be able to maintain positive growth and improvement over the long term. It’s not enough to have key quality and key performance indicators in place—they have to be the appropriate measures to get you where you want to go. If you are uncertain of the best way of measuring your growth, quality or performance, or haven’t formulated any meaningful benchmarks, the professional business consultants at Compass Operations can help.
At Compass Operations, we have more than 100 years of collective hands-on business consulting experience, working with companies of all sizes, and at every phase of development. We have skills and knowledge to operationalize a new business, take an ongoing enterprise through change management or expansion, and help a company turn an underperforming business unit around or bring a new product to market. We place a premium on results, offering tangible solutions to address any aspect of business development, growth and success. We emphasize strong relationships, serving best as a value-added enhancement to your existing internal team. Because we know that every business is different, we’ve formulated an agile approach, taking the time to fully understand your business and your objectives so that we can customize our solutions to meet your needs.

Designing and Implementing Key Performance and Quality Metrics for Your Business

We have decades of experience helping companies of all sizes create effective tools for measuring and managing productivity, quality, efficiency and customer relationships. We know from experience that it’s not about how many metrics you have in place—it’s about having the right measurements for your business and benchmarking that performance over time.
When you hire us to help you establish your measurement tools for your business, we’ll carefully assess your business and your market, taking care not to over-engineer your metrics. We’ll establish internal and external benchmarks, so that you can set realistic objectives and develop achievable improvement plans.

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At Compass Operations, we’ll work closely with you, employing our considerable experience, skill and knowledge to help you take proactive steps to create and build market share, strengthen profitability and maintain competitive advantage. For more information about the extensive range of services we offer to companies worldwide, contact us online or call our New York City office toll free at (866) 705-2668.



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