Outsourcing and Offshoring

Improving Your Bottom Line through External Partnerships

When you’re looking to improve your margins by reducing labor and operational costs, outsourcing and offshoring will produce significant results. In addition to saving money on payroll and staffing expenses, you can often reap the benefits of delegating the work to people who are specialists focused on specific processes and tasks. You’ll have highly skilled and trained workers performing vital functions and you won’t have to worry about the administrative responsibilities that accompany in-house employees. But there are lots of questions you need to ask before you start looking for external vendors to perform key services. At Compass Operations, we will walk you through the complex process of setting up outsourcing and offshoring, so that you can easily transition to a more efficient process at a reduced cost.
At Compass Operations, we bring more than a century of collective hands-on business experience to companies of all sizes. We can operationalize a startup enterprise, walk an existing business through significant change or expansion, or help you transform an underperforming unit. We can also help you bring a new product to market.
We measure our success and your satisfaction by the results we obtain, identifying and implementing real solutions that promote your growth and development. We understand that every business has its own unique needs and challenges, so we take an agile approach, formulating specific strategies tailored to your goals. We consider our clients to be valued partners, and seek to function as a valuable extension to your internal team. We strive to be your partner!

Using Outsourcing and Offshoring to Attain World-Class Performance

Our consultants have considerable experience successfully helping companies integrate outsourcing or offshoring operations to improve their bottom line. When you hire us to help you evaluate the potential business benefits of external partnerships, we’ll take a close look at all aspects of your operation, so that we can determine:

  • Whether there are components of your operation that would be more effectively be performed by a specialized company
  • What types of services or processes your business can successfully offshore or outsource
  • What impact outsourcing or offshoring will have on your build process or delivery timetables
  • What vendors are available and qualified to take on some aspect of your process or offshoring
  • The ROI you’ll generate by outsourcing or offshoring

We’ll also assess the challenges that may be presented by potential outsourcing, including:

  • Time-zone differences for vendors around the world
  • Language and cultural barriers for the various countries
  • Concerns about managing quality when the vendor is located elsewhere, not on-site
  • Concerns about delivery or shipment delays

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At Compass Operations, we use our extensive knowledge, experience and skill-set to help companies proactively build and protect market share, ensure profitability and maintain competitive advantage. Contact us online or call our New York City office toll free at (866) 705-2668 to find out more about the broad range of services we provide to companies around the world.



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