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At Compass Operations, our experienced business consultants offer unparalleled guidance in a wide range of issues affecting all types of business ventures, from startups to expanding businesses to entities with under performing units. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and have successfully created and nurtured companies that have become acknowledged industry leaders. We employ an agile approach, tailoring our specific services to the individualized needs of every client.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, carefully designed and constructed with our prospective clients in mind. You’ll find clear and comprehensive descriptions of the broad range of services we offer to businesses and business owners worldwide. As you peruse our website, you’ll quickly discover that we have the competencies to address almost any concern your business faces, from operational design and strategy to outsourcing and offshoring, from staff evaluation and development to bringing new products to market, from workflow automation and process engineering to ISO certification and auditing…and much more.

We bring more than a century of hands-on experience to start-up, small and medium-sized businesses, helping you identify and implement strategies to become industry leaders. We offer results-oriented, cost-conscious business consulting services, developing tangible methodologies to optimize your business development, growth and success, serving as a value-added enhancement to your internal team.

Why You Should Contact Compass Operations

  • Our experience—We have been entrepreneurs, but we’ve also worked for large global corporations. We’ve overseen major tactical and structural changes for companies of all sizes.
  • Our agile approach—We know from experience that every company has different needs and goals, and operates in different markets. We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach, but will tailor our services to meet your specific needs
  • We take ownership—We will deliver on all agreed-upon solutions, taking the initiative to ensure that all required measures are taken to fully implement recommended strategies.
  • We are proactive—We will always encourage you to stay one step ahead of the competition, so that you can maintain market leadership.

Moving Your Business Forward Together

At Compass Operations, LLC, we provide unsurpassed, hands-on experience to start-up, small and mid-sized businesses, offering a flexible approach to help you proactively establish and maintain market strength, grow profitability and ensure competitive advantage. For more information about the broad range of services we provide to companies worldwide, contact us or call our office toll free at 866-705-2668.




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Moving Your Business Forward

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