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Most businesses need to be constantly improving processes and systems to remain competitive and profitable, particularly with respect to quality assurance. Unfortunately, though, many experienced business owners and executives can struggle with determining the most cost-effective ways to invest in or manage quality assurance programs. In addition, the focus on cost-containment and process efficiency can lead to an unintentional lack of focus on quality. But it may be exactly what your business needs to reach its full potential—an assessment of and investment in quality.
At Compass Operations, our team of successful and seasoned business consultants brings unparalleled experience to business owners and executives, with more than 100 years of combined hands-on involvement with companies of all sizes. We can fully operationalize your startup enterprise, guide your existing business enterprise through significant change or expansion, or work with you to transform underperforming commercial units or bring a new product to market. We’ll work side-by-side with you, serving as an invaluable addition to your internal team. We’ll carefully identify your needs and goals, formulating specific strategies to get the results you seek. Our consultants understand that your business is unique, so we’ll take an agile approach, taking the time to learn the singular aspects of your business so that we can devise cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Helping You Establish and Maintain the Highest Standards of Quality

Our team includes business experts with the proven ability to:

  • Develop a quality management program that meets the needs of your business. As part of this service, we’ll work with you to identify the appropriate standards for quality in your business. We’ll map out the entire quality control process, seeking to establish acceptable levels of quality at every step of production.
  • Our team will create and manage the necessary logistics and structures to put new operational capabilities in place.
  • Evaluate your current quality assurance procedures for effectiveness.
  • Assess your existing quality controls and checks to ensure that they are enabled at appropriate intervals to maximize your investment in quality at your price point.
  • Advise your clients regarding compliance with existing quality processes and standards. When appropriate, we will perform quality control or assurance audits to confirm that the measures you have in place are being properly implemented.

Working as a Team to

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With Compass Operations, you’ll have access to a diverse team of business consultants who bring extensive hands-on experience and knowledge to companies seeking to proactively build and retain market presence, increase profitability and productivity, and leverage competitive advantage. To learn about the full range of services we provide to companies worldwide, contact us online or call our New York City office toll free at (866) 705-2668 to learn about the wide array of business consulting services we provide to companies around the globe.



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