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Comprehensive Consulting to Attain Operational Excellence

From your line workers to your leadership team, from your support staff to sales and marketing, technology and IT, your staff is the engine that makes your business run. Your ability to produce world-class results is a direct result of the skill, experience and competency of the people who work for you. To become an industry leader, it’s critical that you leverage the strengths and abilities of every team member, that you have systems in place for evaluation, growth and improvement of performance. That can be a daunting task, one that may time sensitive and difficult to prioritize.
At Compass Operations, we’ve spent our careers managing people as a precious resource. Our professional business consultants bring more than a century of combined hands-on experience to companies of all sizes. We have the knowledge and experience to make your startup fully operational, or lead your existing business through significant change or expansion. We’ve also successfully transformed a number of companies underperforming business components and helped clients effectively bring new products to market.
We understand that, at the end of the day, it’s results that matter. We’ll stay focused on your objectives, developing tangible and cost-effective strategies to address all of your concerns. We take a team approach, seeking to build partnerships that allow us to function as an important addition to your internal team. We recognize that your business and your needs are unique, so we’ll take a comprehensive look at your company, so that we can offer agile solutions tailored to your individualized requirements.

A World-Class Staff for World-Class Results

Our seasoned team of business consultants offers considerable experience handling the full spectrum of staffing concerns. We have successfully:

  • Built staffs from the ground up, handling all aspects of development, including identification of needs, skills assessments, logistics, job descriptions and placement
  • Reconfigured underperforming staffs, identifying deficiencies in skills and experience, as well as staffing systems and structures
  • Conducted gap analyses to discern essential staffing needs that need to be addressed
We’ll look at your entire organizational structure, from production line workers to top executives, seeking to understand areas that need improvement, development, restructure or recalibration. We’ll also provide oversight through implementation of the agreed recommended strategies.

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At Compass Operations, we offer a wide range of business consulting services to companies worldwide. To learn how we can help your company proactively build market share, maximize profitability and maintain competitive advantage, contact us online or call our New York City office toll free at (866) 705-2668 to learn about the wide array of business consulting services we provide to companies around the globe.



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