Tom Catalano

Partner – EVP

As a Partner and Executive Vice President, Tom Catalano is a business expert with more than 20 years experience in operational development and management. With a wide array of direct experience in managing start-ups and global multi-billion dollar companies, Tom brings the tactical expertise to deliver real ROI. Throughout his career, Tom has developed new operational capabilities, implemented workflow automation and transformed existing operations to improve process, quality and productivity. In addition, Tom has significant experience in taking domestic operations and adapting them for successful implementation into global markets.
While Tom has routinely delivered ROI in business operations, he has also excelled in developing technological advancements, digital capabilities and mobile platforms to improve operational quality, speed and efficiency. In addition, Tom has developed and managed both domestic and offshore operational support centers and managed various teams in remote and virtual locations, as well as overseas facilities.
Having more than 15 years experience within entrepreneurial start-up organizations, Tom has developed the reputation for being an executive who clearly identifies the business needs, rolls his sleeves up and successfully delivers quantifiable results.
Tom has a MBA in Marketing from Long Island University Post and a BA in Planning from SUNY Geneseo.
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